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Thursday 9.19.19

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Registration opens at 8am

Mineral bottom jumps will be happening at a discounted rate. These jumps are unsupported and being flown from C-182. All jumpers will need to provide their own shuttle as there will be nobody in the landing area.

Wing night. Hosted at the Blue Hills Campground a free dinner will be available to all boogie attendants. Dinner is served at 6PM BYOB

Friday 9.20.19

8AM Registration opens
All day tye-dye station will be open to personalize your boogie shirt
10AM: Sorrel River Ranch load
Noon: Mineral Bottom load
2PM: Sorrel River Ranch load
3PM: One shot swoop comp. One chance, distance is the name of the game. Winner gets 5 free raffle tickets
4PM: Mineral Bottom load
5PM Sorrel River ranch load
5:30 Sorrel River ranch Sunset
8:00 Fire and BYOB at Blue Hills

Sat 9.21.19

7AM: Registration opens
7-9 Free Breakfast for jumpers
8AM Mineral bottom load
8:30 Raffle drawing. All prizes must be claimed by 2PM or prizes will be re-raffled
All day tye-dye station will be available to personalize your boogie shirt
10AM: Sorrel river ranch load
11AM: 4WAY scramble
Noon: mineral bottom load
2PM: Sorrel river ranch load
3PM: wingsuit flock
4PM: Mineral bottom load
5PM Sorrel river ranch load
5:30 Sorrel river ranch sunset
6PM-8PM dinner is available for purchase
7:00 Super sunset swoop and chug
8:00 Beverages provided
9PM Bonfire starts. party in the desert
10pm lets get weird

Sun 9.22.19

No registration
Marinate in hangover
Skydive Moab returns to normal operations
Boogie cleanup starts
Make up for off sites